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June 5, 2012

We just released KidScore to the world (mainly the Seattle Area).  Thanks to all the patient parents who’ve waited.   Although you can search, discover, and review places nationwide, the main focus has been the Seattle area.  Here’s a list of our staff favorite places in Seattle to take your kids and some upcoming features below it:

1.   Twirl Cafe = KidScore 93

2.   Woodland Park Zoo = KidScore 95

3.   Café Flora = KidScore 92

4.  Phinney Market Pub and Eatery = KidScore 92

5.  Fred Meyer (multiple locations) = KidScore 82

6.  PCC Natural Markets (multiple locations) = KidScore 80

7.  Seattle Downtown Library = KidScore 80

8.  Boom Noodle = KidScore 74

9.  PF Chang’s = KidScore 74

10. Blue C Sushi = KidScore 80

And staffs vote of where not to take your Kid:

Spitfire Grill = KidScore 1

We need your help to fine-tune, if you know a great place help others discover it and improve it’s KidScore.  Go to and search to review.

On the Roadmap

  • Tags and Icons for Kid-Friendly amenities on places.  These will help parents make decisions based off their specific needs.  Just to list a few, amenity tags will included things like play rooms, changing stations, gluten-free options, kids menu, and kids eat free.
  • Mobile version of the site, including iPhone and Android apps to help you make decisions on the go.
  •  More places, cities, and more accurate scores.

We’d love to hear your feature ideas and feedback.

Ali Alami,

CEO and father of a 2 year old

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