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Seattle’s Top Five Kid Friendly Coffee Shops and Cafe’s

June 15, 2012

It seems like there’s a coffee shop on every corner of Seattle but it’s nearly impossible to tell which ones are kid and family friendly.

Mom and daughter at a kid friendly cafe.

Our KidScore™ coffee shops are sure to keep your children entertained while you relax over a fresh cup of Joe.

Twirl Café (KidScore Rating 93)

Queen Anne’s Twirl Café was founded by a Seattle mom who noticed a lack of family-friendly establishments in her neighborhood.  Rebecca founded Twirl Café to provide an atmosphere that was social and comfortable for adults as well as entertaining for children. She hit the nail on the head with Twirl Café, which has an outstanding children’s play area that takes up half of the shop! The first 10 minutes of play are free, but you have to supervise your children and pay a small fee for all day play. The shop offers optional supervised play on Wednesdays from 9am-12pm at an hourly rate, which lets you enjoy some time to yourself while your kids interact with Twirl’s awesome play area. The play area is jungle themed, kept extremely clean and well worth the admission fee. This Kid Score approved coffee shop is sure to become a family favorite.

Serendipity Café (KidScore Rating 71)

Serendipity Café in Seattle’s Magnolia’s Village is perfect for families and welcomes kids of any age. You’ll find yourself relaxing for hours in this café as your children play in the kid’s area, which includes: a chalkboard wall, art table, doll house, books, puzzles and a train table.  Serendipity serves up quality coffee fast, and also offers a tasty breakfast and lunch menu, including a kids menu. Sit down over a cup of coffee and enjoy the adult conversation while your kids laugh and play in the kid’s area.

Mosaic Coffee House (KidScore Rating 76)

Mosaic Coffee House is a community coffee house located behind Dick’s Drive-in in Wallingford. Satisfy your coffee craving and chow down on delicious treats for a price that you deem fair—that’s right, you set the price. The non-profit coffee house returns all of its’ proceeds to the community, and offers a great play room to keep the kids entertained. Stop by Mosaic Coffee house and enjoy an engaging, family friendly atmosphere that is focused on bringing together families and communities.

Firehouse Café (KidScore Rating 80)

Play room at Firehouse coffee in Ballard. Usually filled with toddlers and moms.

Ballard’s Firehouse Coffee is located in the heart of downtown Ballard on Market Street. This coffee shop is a favorite among the Ballard community because it offers a comfortable, kid-friendly atmosphere and well priced drinks. The café includes free wireless internet as well as an extensive drink menu and a tasty food options. Their children’s menu and playroom ensures that both you and your kids are comfortable in the café. A sliding door separates the main seating area from the family-friendly playroom, so your kids stay in your sight while you check your email and surf the web.

Green Bean Coffeehouse (KidScore Rating 78)

Green Bean Coffeehouse hosts a variety of family friendly events, including kid’s story time every Tuesday between 10-11am. This Greenwood coffee shop features kid-sized chairs, entertaining toys, and the motto: “sit long, talk much.”  Their coffee menu is extensive and artisan made: expect to get a special design on top of your coffee or hot chocolate. This is an excellent shop with friendly service and an engaging atmosphere where families connect and get to know each other.  This non-profit coffee shop treasures community involvement and sponsors a local artist every month, so the decor is constantly changing and never boring. With their bright green exterior you can’t miss Green Bean Coffeehouse, so stop in the next time you’re in the neighborhood.

Note:  A KidScore™ of over 70 is generally a good score with quite a few kid amenities and over 90 is a kid-heaven, giving feedback through a review helps fine tune the score.  KidScores are updated daily.

Posting provided by guest blogger Sarah Smith

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